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Kim Dotcom to launch new Mega-style cloud storage service

Wed 6 Jul 2016

Kim Dotcom

Controversial internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is limbering up for a second shot at the cloud storage market, despite still being seriously embroiled in the Megaupload legal troubles.

As in the case of RapidShare, Megaupload was designed for storage and sharing yet, according to the authorities, became a playground for online piracy. Many pointed to Dotcom as a clear example of the issue.

In January 2012, police raided Dotcom’s house in Auckland, New Zealand, and Megaupload was pulled offline. Dotcom had all of his assets seized, and was accused of criminal copyright infringement, money laundering, racketeering and wire fraud, among other charges. The millionaire continues to fight against the charges, as well as threats of extradition to the U.S.

In a recent TorrentFreak report, Dotcom revealed that he is now considering a return to the file-sharing and cloud storage industry, and even looking at re-launching Megaupload.

‘A new site is in the making. 100gb free cloud storage,’ he said. ‘I can say that this year I have set things in motion and a new cloud storage site is currently under development…I’m excited about the new innovations the site will contain.’

‘Eight years of knowledge and a long planning period went into this. It will be my best creation yet…The name of the new site will make people happy,’ teased Dotcom.

The entrepreneur also hinted to his plans on Twitter, while criticising the current Mega site for its download limits. He tweeted: ‘Mega seems to be limiting your downloads to 129mb UNLESS you pay for a premium account,’ and continued ‘A new site is in the making: 100gb free cloud storage/ On-the-fly encryption / Sync all your devices / NO TRANSFER LIMITS.’

The hashtag #5thRaidAnniversary suggested that the new service could appear on the fifth anniversary of the raids on his property, which would make it a January 2017 launch.


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