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Uber to integrate with TransLoc public transport planning app

Mon 11 Jan 2016

Waiting for a bus

Transport tech firm TransLoc has agreed to partner with global ride-sharing giant Uber, to help public transport users plan their routes and schedule rides to reach their final destination.

The partnership will help users plan trips via different modes of transport and offer an end-to-end route planning service, according to the companies. TransLoc tweeted this afternoon that it’s mission with Uber is “to help solve public transit’s first-mile / last-mile problems.”

“Our mission is to take public transit from last resort for some, to first choice for all. The partnership with Uber will help advance us toward this goal,” TransLoc CEO, Doug Kaufman, said in an official announcement today. He added that the deal would seek to “make public transit a viable option for everyone, not just people who live close to a transit stop.”

TransLoc has been developing its public transport partnerships for over a decade, but teaming up with Uber marks its first venture into the world of taxis and private transportation providers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 15.03.55The partnership will see the integration of Uber’s ride-sharing API and the TransLoc ‘Rider’ app, which provides real-time public transport tracking, arrival predictions and proximity alerts. Users will be able to simply input their destination in the Rider app and receive a tailored journey, incorporating the ‘optimal combination’ of walking, public transport and Uber – lending the most cost-effective, fastest and simplest routes.

Michael Melaniphy, president and CEO at the American Public Transportation Association noted that it is “exciting to see technology companies and public transit agencies work together to test new ways for making trip options convenient and complete.”

“As private sector innovation accelerates, such partnerships will enhance the attractiveness of public transportation, with the travelling public being the prime beneficiary,” he continued.

The integration will first roll out next month in Memphis, Tennessee, and Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. Financial details of the deal have not been disclosed.


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