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Rookie Dongle warns parents when their kids are driving too fast

Wed 7 Oct 2015

Teenagers driving car

Dongle Apps, a Belgian tech company, has introduced a new system which alerts a car owner if the vehicle’s driver is breaking the speed limit.

The ‘Rookie Dongle’, founded by engineer Paul Janssens and automotive expert Christophe Neyt, connects to the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD II) port, used by garage staff to identify issues and assess speed, mileage and performance in all modern cars.

Initially designed for parents and guardians to keep an eye on their young ones behind the wheel, the device employs internal GPS and mobile technologies to push real-time data to the cloud and send notifications to car owners via email or text when the driver is speeding, suddenly accelerates, brakes hard or has high RPM levels.

“Parents can use it as an aid. Speed is an important factor in accidents. Young drivers are up to seven times more likely to crash because they are speeding,” said Janssens.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 15.44.44The gadget works by recording the time, location and current speed of the car, and comparing it to the speed limit in that area. According to the Oudenaarde-based firm, the system works all over the European continent at no extra charge when used across different borders.

Each trip and driver registered to Rookie Dongle is assigned with a safety score based on driving behaviour. In this way, the technology can be used to produce customised reports which car owners can use when negotiating insurance policies.

A private mode is available, which presents information on location, speed and times to the driver only, should they be driving responsibly.

The device has received great praise from the national Traffic Safety Institute, who claim it will be a handy tool for those parents anxious about their children’s driving, inviting guidance and an incentive for safe driving.

The Rookie Dongle has been undergoing testing for the last year and will be presented publicly [French] at the Brussels International Motor Show in January next year.


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