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Stromasys unveils first cloud migration solution for legacy systems

Tue 7 Oct 2014

Stromasys, the Swiss cross-platform virtualisation provider, has unveiled the first solution for migrating critical applications such as VAX, Alpha, HP 3000, PDP-11, and Sparc to the cloud.

Stromasys’ 15 year-old Charon software is a migration solution which has allowed businesses to rapidly transfer business critical systems and applications over to the latest generation of computing hardware securely and cost-efficiently. The Geneva-based firm has now announced a new virtualisation capability to help companies migrate their old systems into a cloud framework.

A surprising number of businesses still run their critical services on decades-old platforms, such as PDP-11 by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), and the HP 3000 by Hewlett-Packard, both minicomputers launched in the 1970s. Despite their relative age, such systems are still being used for mission critical tasks in manufacturing, banking, and air control. However, ageing components have combined with the disappearance of some suppliers to make it difficult for businesses to effectively manage and operate the original hardware.

Faced with the challenge of migrating complete applications to new hardware and new operating systems, businesses are often concerned by the associated high expense and risk.

In response to these concerns, Stromasys’ new cloud offering is able to provide customers with the option to house existing critical applications with a third-party data centre provider. Businesses will therefore benefit from all the features and advantages that a cloud infrastructure can bring, including faster back-up, greater reliability, and reduced maintenance costs, without the need to recompile any of their vintage applications.

Stromasys promised that its new cloud solution will allow businesses to cut costs linked to legacy infrastructure, maintenance, as well as administrative support. The software will also allow for easy access to critical business applications, from any device, anywhere in the world.

“We are proud to be the first company to give customers complete flexibility and choice in migrating their classic systems, either to the cloud or to the latest generation of on-premise servers,” said John Prot, CEO of Stromasys.



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