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Four critical areas for G-Cloud over the next 12 months

Fri 18 Jul 2014

G-Cloud, the government initiative to provide on-demand cloud services to governmental departments, is expected to achieve savings of 50% for services bought through it by March 2015 according to Government Digital Service (GDS) estimates.

Following its inclusion underneath the GDS umbrella last year, and despite its relatively small size, G-Cloud continues to promote the commercial benefits for local governmental departments to put cloud at the centre of their digital agenda.

However, although significant savings seem to be on the horizon, there are still key areas for development needed in order to bolster the Government’s cloud strategy. In his cloudtech piece, Ivan Harris, Cloud Services Business Manager at eduserv, outlines four critical points for improvement, including reducing barriers to buying and providing “vocal leadership” around G-Cloud’s role.

“As larger value contracts come up for procurement in the year ahead it is vital that G-Cloud team acts as vocal cheerleaders from within government to ensure departments are aware of and use the framework,” he says.

Harris also suggests that “a more balanced set of arguments around the case for cloud adoption” is necessary, “so buyers have a better understanding of business benefits beyond simple cost savings.”


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