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Hybrid Cloud: “a natural evolution of the IT industry”

Wed 9 Jul 2014

Hybrid cloud management must be seen in terms of balancing old and new IT systems, argues Brandon Butler of NetworkWorld.

Although the idea of public cloud services, including AWS, is appealing for end users, he suggests there still remains a preference to employ on-premises cloud computing for confidential and secure data. According to Butler, here lies the success of firms such as Microsoft and VMware, who market separate software that users can run from private servers that connect to public clouds.

Despite the complexities attached these hybrid cloud frameworks, he writes that this approach offers great commercial opportunity for vendors and quotes recent findings from Technology Business Research to illustrate this: “nearly 20% of the 1,600 large enterprises IT decision makers recently surveyed reported that they are using two or more cloud services that have been integrated to create a hybrid cloud. TBR estimates there is a $7bn market for vendors who integrate various disparate cloud platforms together.”

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