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Google buys Stackdriver – provider of a specialist monitoring cloud workload performance service.

Thu 8 May 2014

This tale has got a lot of coverage, very little of which adds anything beyond what we said in the above tweet.

The essentials are Google has bought Stackdriver for an undisclosed sum and has kept its plans secret.

Launched in 2012, Stackdriver is based in Massachusetts and made its name mainly providing cloud monitoring service for Amazon Web Services.

A blog statement from its founders said: “We started Stackdriver in 2012 to make operations easier by giving people better visibility into their cloud-powered applications. We believed then, as we do now, that data visualization and analytics are powerful tools to make monitoring more useful. Our new colleagues on the Google Cloud Platform team share our passion for helping developers build great products. They also know a thing or two about data visualization, analytics, and cloud computing.

In a blog, Google product manager, Tom Kershaw said: “We’ll be investing more in this area in the coming months — stay tuned!”

Wait and see then.


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