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Case study/interview with pharma CIO who has gone cloud, wireless and BYOD.

Thu 1 May 2014

Q&A interview with Nathan McBride, IT director of AMAG Pharmaceuticals – an $80m US-based company – by John Dix of Network World which investigates why and how he got rid of their data centre, wires, phones etc and went on the cloud.

There‘s a nice line when talking about his 24 service providers: “Our loyalty only extends to those who innovate the fastest.”

It would have been good to hear about more of the challenges of the change but it’s a still good read.


“I hear people talking about shadow IT and my sense is if there is shadow IT in your company then your CIO really screwed up. Because if you let people talk openly about what they need to make their departments better and you actually listen to them, you’ll never have it happen to you.”

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