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Today’s big presentation number: Enterprise cloud spending to hit $235bn by 2017 up 35% according to researcher IHS

Sun 20 Apr 2014

Whether they make your eyes water or your mind boggle, the market analyst numbers for cloud spending may vary substantially but they do vary around the level of huge.  This latest report from IHS says spending on cloud by the enterprise it will grow 35% from this year’s $174bn to hit $235bn by 2017.

In this article ZD Net plays it fairly straight although it does link in the recent Cisco and IBM promises of $1bn investments -presumably as justification for those announcements.


“Enterprises today are trying to create faster, more efficient I.T. environments to ensure more responsive, agile and successful businesses,” said Jagdish Rebello, senior director for information technology at IHS. “In these cloud-based settings, enterprises also want to integrate the deep analytical power of big data, which will give them competitive advantages through insights about present and prospective customers.”

Click here for the full article by Ryan Huang


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