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Infor’s CEO Charles Phillips talks cloud, UI, and industry focus

Sat 19 Apr 2014


Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor, discusses cloud strategy with Larry Dignan of ZDNet following the organisation’s recent partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, and EnterpriseDB. Dignan sees Infor as now offering a real alternative to Oracle and SAP, and highlights aspects of the company’s approach which he believes are key to its success.

“Infor is increasingly seen as a threat to Oracle and SAP for its ability to go deep into industry features with its enterprise software. The company has remained in the background in recent years as it revamped its software, created a universal user interface, and made plans to migrate customers to a cloud model.

…Phillips said Infor’s strategy is to build on AWS because it doesn’t want to run data centers; AWS has a wide footprint and enables customers to scale down automatically. “AWS has scale and capacity and they are responsive,” said Phillips. “We looked at others and it took months to get meetings. We didn’t have the time to wait. After we announced the AWS partnership, the other guys are calling us now.”

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