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Companies are increasingly investing in enterprise cloud & spending could ‘rise 35% by 2017’

Tue 15 Apr 2014

Joe Curtis highlights cloud spending predictions for three years’ time, quoting recent research by IHS which states that by 2017 enterprise spend on cloud technology could hit $235bn – a 35% increase from the $174bn expected to be spent this year. These surging figures for cloud-based investment continue to surpass previous projections as more and more businesses look to boost their technology infrastructure with cloud architecture and services.

“Senior director for information technology at IHS, Jagdish Rebello, said: “Enterprises today are trying to create faster, more efficient IT environments to ensure more responsive, agile and successful businesses.

“In these cloud-based settings, enterprises also want to integrate the deep analytical power of big data, which will give them competitive advantages through insights about present and prospective customers.”


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