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Go is the emerging language of cloud infrastructure says RedMonk’s Donnie Berkholz. Now 1/10th of leader Foss’s usage

Mon 14 Apr 2014

Perhaps an tiem for the scientists but it potentially has a much wider influence. Berkholz charts the rise of the Go programming language and how, over the last year, it has gained favour with a lot of projects. He found many of them are cloud projects and that its total represents about a tenth of the total of Foss (free and open source software) – “the most popular languages in existence”. There is a new kid moving in to the block.

“Cloud infrastructure is famously complex and requires a great deal of effort to build a truly reliable, scale-out architecture because everything needs redundancy and coordination at the software level rather than the hardware level. Thus tools like Netflix’s Simian Army, one component of their increasingly full-featured platform that’s still waiting to be packaged up, have emerged to provide acid tests of cloud software. On the other side, an underappreciated aspect of PaaS (Platform as a Service) is its improvements not just to developer productivity but also to operator complexity by providing similar benefits at a higher level as Go does at the code level. There’s a lot of value to a packaged solution that handles the complexity of concurrency, coordination, and reliability in a gray-box fashion that enables transparency without requiring manual composition of an entire infrastructure.”


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