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Want to get a new job in cloud? IBM has 3000 of them.

Thu 3 Apr 2014

As well as selling off its mid range server division, IBM also recently announced a $1bn investment in cloud research and development and $1.2bn in its Watson cognitive computing programme as part of what it calls an aggressive transformation. To further help that along it has announced it is recruiting for 3000 positions (the majority in the US) in these new areas.

“The last week, IBM announced the layoff of a huge number of employees across the globe. And now, the Big Blue has posted a huge number of jobs on its recruiting portal. The number of jobs available in different business units, including cloud computing and cognitive computing is as much as 3000. As many as over 2000 jobs are available in the USA market and the remaining jobs are available in different countries. This announcement will prove to be a good sign for both the local authorities and young professionals in the USA market.”  By Maria Dehn



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