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Cloud continues to kick Oracle’s butt – just 3% of its business. Analysis of the giant’s challenges by @ron_miller

Thu 3 Apr 2014

24/3/14 – Freelance technology journalist Ron Miller assesses the latest Oracle results and finds its performance is still based on its on-premise hardware and software business and that cloud, for all the giant’s noises, still represents only 3% of its business despite a recent buying binge. Until it make the transition to cloud it will, he says, get its butt kicked time and time again.

“In spite of its cloud company purchases over the years, and all the recent cloud talk from Oracle, the Wall Street Journal reports the cloud still accounts for just 3 percent of Oracle’s overall business, and even though they reported a 24 percent increase this quarter in cloud subscription revenue, it’s such a small percentage of the overall business it doesn’t really account for that much revenue.

Oracle might have a reasonably good quarter here and there, but its revenue is still pegged to its traditional on-premise hardware and software business. That’s not an easy place for an established company to live, and it’s even harder when that company has burned bridges with its customers over the years — meaning they don’t see them as partners and they aren’t about to give them a break.”


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