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Data ownership and driving change

Tue 20 Mar 2018 | Barry Green

Barry Green spoke to The Stack about his career and future prospects of online banking ahead of his appearance at Big Data World 2018

The Bank of Ireland’s Chief Data Officer (Interim), Barry Green will be bringing his considerable knowledge and expertise to his presentation at this year’s Big Data World.

On the 21st March 2018 at Excel, London, Barry will be talking about data ownership and why this is important to drive change. With more than 26 years in financial services (which includes a two-year stint in consulting at PwC), Barry has worked for a wide range of companies such as the Bank of New Zealand and the National Australia Bank, Citigroup and HSBC.

Using data to solve business problems

During his career, Barry has worked in the capacity of Chief Data Officer (CDO); Chief Operating Officer (COO); Transformation Director and Business Manager, with data being a common denominator of his work. “I have had very broad experience in banking and consulting,” says Barry. “The key theme is the use of data and process to solve business problems.”

Barry explains his main role and duties in his current role at the Bank of Ireland: “I am a Chief Data Officer and have set up the Data Function and everything that goes with that (organisation, policies, frameworks etc). The Chief Data Officer is a key conduit for change and as such, a key part of the role is to establish an understanding of the immediate business issues and customer relations that enable me to have broad support for implementing change.”

Of course, the banking world has considerably changed since the dawn of the new millennium, with a surge in online banking, providing easy, convenient and instant service for customers all over the globe. However, the issue of security threats has proved to be an obstacle, as threats of fraud and security breaches are posed worldwide by cybercriminals.

Improving security

But as Barry explains, a counterpoint to this threat is the high level of innovation and technology, which result in higher security levels for customers. “Online verification and fraud detection have had some interesting use of technology to make online banking safer and improve the detection of fraud.”

With the ongoing growth in technological advances and stronger security methods today and in the future, Barry says that online banking could grow further to the point where one day, it will be close to 100% (“depending on the customer segment”).

Barry concludes that “the key is to make it easier than face to face banking and to make sure this is efficient internally.”

BIG DATA WORLD_V4Barry Green will be speaking at the forthcoming Big Data World London, which takes place on 21st and 22nd March 2018 at London’s ExCeL Centre. To hear from Barry and other Big Data experts from around the world, register today for your FREE ticket.

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