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Google Cloud partners with Elastic for advanced search and analytics

Fri 7 Apr 2017

Google Elastic

Google Cloud has announced a new partnership with Elastic, the open source data analytics company behind Kibana, Beats, and Elasticsearch.

The partnership with Google will bring Elastic’s search and analytics features to the Google Cloud Platform, providing the customers of both companies with improved data analytics and machine learning, increased security features, and access to Google’s high-performance global network.

The Elastic suite of services on Google Cloud will be available to developers later this year. Customers will receive hosted and managed Kibana, a data visualization tool for analytics as well as hosted and managed Elasticsearch, the JSON-based analytics engine used to gather data in the Elastic stack. Developers will also get the latest versions of Elastic software and support from Elastic engineers, to maximize in-house data analytics across many different industries.

Nan Boden, Head of Global Technology Partners for Google Cloud, noted that providing access to open source technology to Google Cloud customers was important in the decision to partner with Elastic. “Openness is a key pillar of our partner philosophy and a driving force across Google,” she said. “Embracing partnerships and working collaboratively with best-of-breed open source technology allows us to offer our customers choice and flexibility. We want GCP to be the best place to collaborate and solve problems using open source technologies.”

Elastic clients currently include Facebook, Netflix and Dell, while shared customers of Elastic and Google Cloud include eBay, the New York Times, and Verizon.

As Google originally made a name for itself as a search engine, the question arises as to what the original search giant could gain from a partnership with a data search and analytics company. In a blog post, Google offered the example of the Quizlet website to show how a customer could leverage the strengths of both Google and Elastic simultaneously. In the example, Google outlined how Quizlet uses the Google Cloud Platform solutions and storage, while relying on Elasticsearch for advanced query of billions of terms and immediate response to the user.

The combination of services offered by Google and Elastic is intended to allow customers to manage and scale Elasticsearch based on need, and Kibana to describe data findings in an easy, visual, and meaningful way.

Just last month, Elastic announced that it had reached the 100 million download milestone, up from 50 million the prior year, and 20 million before that. At that time, the company announced a host of new products for the Elastic Stack, including machine learning, cloud enterprise, and two new features for Kibana to help with the visualization and description of data analytic results.


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