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Data center vacancies: a digital ghost town

Data centre vacancy rates are a regular topic for data centre analysts. The rate of open space within a working data centre is used as a measure of the strength of the local market, and the opportunity for investors to put funds into new builds. One of the strongest data centre markets in Europe is… Read More

Expert interview with Simon Maple of Snyk.

‘how can you make sure that the pipeline that you’re building is secure in itself? I see solutions that don’t exist today, existing in a number of years, that will really help.’

Data Centre World 2022 welcomes expressions of interest in hosted buyers event.

Additionally, the Hosted Buyer’s Day provides fast-track VIP access to the right connections, the perfect solutions, and unparalleled results. In the ever-changing data centre environment, the importance of staying competitive cannot be stressed enough.

Data Centre World – Main Stage speakers, 2022.

2022’s Data Centre World Main Stage boasts contributions, not only from inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim-Berners Lee, but a roll-call of thought-leaders with wide-ranging and exceptional expertise.

UK Government’s push towards a cyber security eco-system in 2022

The imperatives of the Cyber Security Strategy and the new legislation in reporting breaches signifies an era of intensified vigilance and transparency for the UK. Add to this the directive to feed a talent-pipeline and the government’s ambition for a tech’ ecosystem, that will reinvigorate the economy, becomes a virtual reality.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, joins Tech Show London, 2 March

CloserStill and Techerati are excited to announce that the Inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, will give the welcome address at Tech’ Show London on 2 March.

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