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Ada college student Isabella interviews Milly Zimeta of the Open Data Institute

Techerati had the privilege of catching up with Ada college student Isabella and Milly Zimeta, Head of data at the Open Data Institute. In this special interview conducted by Isabella, and moderated by Editor Tamsin Flower, Milly reveals some of the most pertinent and urgent issues in technology, from applying the arts and humanities to… Read More

‘The Next Generation’ – how Star Trek NFTs divided the Treker community

Fans particularly expressed skepticism with the ‘Admiral pack,’ questioning its value, although scooping up this pack, as opposed to ‘The Captain pack,’ guarantees a ‘good’ ship – one of the many that has been algorithmically generated. Gender says: ‘People are getting emotionally invested in it as it is very much a scam.’

An interview with Zoe Rose of Canon EMEA

Zoe spoke to us during her first exhibition visit following the advent of the pandemic and while experiencing the first few months of motherhood.

A video interview with James Hunter of IBM DevOps

When considering the future of DevOps, James stresses the fast rate at which this area is evolving: ‘we’re at an interesting stage of maturity…where value-stream management is at the centre of activities – we have a programme called velocity which makes that connection between the data visible. Over the next few years, more companies creating DevOps will be freed up by automation.’

An interview with Tiffany Hall, Chair of Ada College

In an exclusive Tech Show London interview for Techerati, Tiffany Hall, Chair of the National College for Digital Skills, discusses the pressing and current issues around tech in education, touching on: social mobility, diversity, tech poverty and working with young people and Ada’s unique mission and values.

An interview with Dr Samira Asma of the World Health Organization

Dr Samira talks exclusively with Techerati about the importance of data in navigating health crises, how the World Health Organization has adapted to change during the pandemic and the fundamental importance of collating data relating to life and death.

An interview with Jamie Bartlett, author of The Missing Cryptoqueen

He specifically, unravels the mystery of the ‘missing cryptoqueen,’ a Bulgarian-German businesswoman who stole billions of dollars in a ponzi scheme and has likely changed her appearance in order to ‘disappear.’

An interview with Jon Summers of RISE Sweden

Ahead of his platform at Tech Show London 2022, Jon Summers of Research Institutes of Sweden, shared his thoughts on the future of the DC.

An interview with Debbie Forster MBE, CEO of the Tech Talent Charter

Debbie also addresses how to embed an inclusive culture within companies, the issue of tech poverty, and websites that help educators and employers access support.

Tech Show London 2022 celebrates 65% representation of Women in Main Stage keynotes

These individuals also represent a cross-section of disciplines and the importance of technology in the future of major infrastructure: healthcare (Dr Asma, WHO), Security (Ivana Bartoletti OBE, Wipro), Education (Tiffany Hall & Maggie Philbin OBE), Data, (Caroline Gorski, R2 Data Labs), Engineering – Lloyd’s Bank. At Tech Show London 2022, they are joined by other luminaries. Notably – Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web and Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, will offer a video plenary.

Main Stage interview with Ivana Bartoletti of Wipro

In this Main Stage interview, ahead of Tech Show London, Bartoletti addresses one of the most important questions of our times – how can we ensure that artificial intelligence is not biased? 

Is crypto-mining changing the data centre?

In a discovery hearing with the U.S. House of Representatives, a panel of tech experts were asked questions to help clarify the state of the industry and potential effect on data centres, power grids, and the environment.

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