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Latin America set for major AI boom by 2023

Businesses in Latin America are embracing artificial intelligence tools at an unprecedented rate, according to research. A report from the MIT Technology Review, created in partnership with Genesys, found that only one in four enterprises in Latin America are not using AI to some extent. Of the companies that have begun to use AI in… Read More

Google data centre workers speak out against unfair practices

Recent public complaints from data centre workers alleging unfair labour practices throw the company’s core value into question.

Africa’s first prefabricated Data Centre launched

Cloud Exchange West Africa, a colocation, IT support and managed services provider from West Africa, has partnered with Huawei to launch the first Tier IV prefabricated data centre on the continent. The modular, prefabricated data centre is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Glad Dibetso, CEO of Cloud Exchange, said that the growth of Nigeria’s digital economy… Read More

Ease of incorporating Big Data sets AI up for rapid growth

There are few innovations that have received as much hype as artificial intelligence. Cutting-edge AI solutions such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) are increasingly found in both multi-national conglomerates and small enterprises, with these technologies benefiting operations. One of the key issues that has constrained the scope and power of AI tools in the… Read More

Q&A with Michael Fisher of OpsRamp

Michael Fisher is Director of Product Management at OpsRamp. Following the announcement of a free version of their digital ops management platform, Michael caught up with us to discuss why cloud operators should take a DevOps approach to infrastructure management.