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Microsoft opens Datacenter Academy in Singapore
Microsoft has announced the launch of their Datacenter Academy (DCA) based in Singapore - a first in Asia. The DCA, created in partnership with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), will provide data centre skills education to more than 300 students over five years. This will help close the data centre technology skills gap in... Read More

Twitter may shut down its California data centre
In the midst of corporate chaos following Elon Musk’s purchase of the social media site, Twitter is considering shuttering its California data centre. The New York Times reported that four people with knowledge of the company’s strategy said that Musk was thinking of closing the SMF1 data centre in Sacramento, California. Should this happen, the... Read More

Thales Alenia Space to test data centres in orbit
The European Commission has selected Thales Alenia Space to conduct a feasibility study on data centres in orbit. The study, named ASCEND (Advanced Space Cloud for European Net zero emission and Data sovereignty), will explore the possibility of launching operational data centres into space. This would help to meet the growing global demand for digital... Read More

Data centre and cloud providers show mixed results for Q3 2022

In the data centre server processor race, AMD showed strong Q3 2022 results, up 45% from the previous year. This was tied to strong sales of the EPYC line of server processors; with increased revenue offsetting an increase in operating expenses. On the other hand Intel, whose Xeon server processors are in direct competition with… Read More

New BDx hyperscale data centre announced near Jakarta

BDx Indonesia announced plans to build a new hyperscale data centre east of Jakarta in Karawang, West Java. The data centre, called CGK5, will be the 11th data centre for BDx in the Asia Pacific region and the 5th in Jakarta. The 100MW facility will be located on a campus built on 12 acres of… Read More

India data centre market to see $20bn investment by 2025

The data centre market in India is expected to see a massive growth in investment over the next three years, according to the latest report from commercial real estate firm CBRE. After generating $14 billion in the past five years, investors are planning to contribute an additional $6 billion over the next three years, making… Read More

Elea Digital acquires TIM data centre in Brazil

Elea Digital, the data centre subsidiary of Piemonte Capital, has acquired a new facility in Porto Alegre, with the intention of developing the largest data centre in Southern Brazil. This makes the seventh data centre for Elea Digital in Brazil, with facilities in Curtiba, Brasilia, Rio, and Sao Paulo. The acquisition has already been submitted to… Read More

IBM begins quantum computer installation at Cleveland Clinic

IBM has begun installing its first on-premise private-sector quantum computer at Cleveland Clinic, a healthcare organization in Ohio. Delivery of the computer known as IBM Quantum System One is the first key accomplishment in the Cleveland Clinic – IBM Discovery Accelerator, a ten-year partnership aimed at increasing the pace of medical research. “The current pace of… Read More

Kakao data centre fire linked to lithium-ion batteries

Last week, a fire in a South Korean data centre knocked out online services, including social media giant Kakao, for an extended period. The incident was said to have been caused by a lithium-ion battery stored in the basement of the facility. Kakao is among the most popular messaging, banking, and streaming providers in the… Read More

Lasercharm data campus signs £9.25m funding deal with Topland Group

Topland Group has agreed to contribute £9.25m to refinance the Camro Data Park, located in Sutton, Cambridgeshire. The new campus is comprised of 43 acres and will developed into a 700,000 sq ft data centre facility, one of the largest in the UK. Lasercharm, the owner of the data park, has planning permission from local… Read More

Data centre processor race heats up with Intel’s 4-year IPU strategy

Intel has introduced a four-year strategy to iterate on infrastructure processing unit (IPU) and AI chips, in an effort to recover some ground lost to data centre competitors Nvidia and AMD.   Nvidia’s data centre business is worth more than $10 billion USD per year, more than three times the value of its business in… Read More

DigitalBridge purchases Switch for $11 billion USD

DigitalBridge has announced the acquisition of all outstanding common shares of data centre company Switch in a cash transaction estimated at $11 billion USD. The acquisition will be completed by a subsidiary of DigitalBridge, DigitalBridge II, and IFM Investors, a global digital infrastructure investment firm.   The deal still hinges on stockholder approval; but when… Read More