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HPE pledge makes low-carbon data centre patents accessible for free

The Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HPE) Low-Carbon Pledge, announced on Earth Day, is an initiative that will open key patents for use, royalty-free. This effort has been joined by Microsoft and Facebook, two of the largest consumers of data centre services.

EU environmental regulations to impact data centre HVAC projects

As temperatures go up in the summer months, data centre HVAC systems require extra care: but operators must ensure that they take extra care to comply with environmental regulations.

T-Systems Partners with Fraunhofer IFF on green data centre project

T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, has announced a sustainability research project at its data centres in Biere and Magdeburg.

UK Government issues intervention notice on Nvidia’s ARM acquisition

Oliver Dowden, Digital Minister for the UK, has issued an intervention notice regarding the purchase of British chip designer ARM by Nvidia.

AWS seemingly behind proposal to rebuild defunct HP data centre in Swindon

A proposal has been submitted to rebuild a defunct Hewlett-Packard data centre facility near Swindon.

Atrebo announces the Tower Automation Alliance

A group of telecommunications industry leaders have created a new global initiative focused on developing automation projects for TowerCos and operators.

Is a Tier 3 Talent Gap Holding Back Data Centre Growth?

Today, Tier I and II markets are fairly saturated with data centre providers. While opportunity still exists, the highest growth areas for data centre services are likely to be in Tier III locations, such as Oslo, Buenos Aires, or Jakarta.

Quantum Brilliance unveils server-sized Quantum computer

Quantum Brilliance, an Australian and German startup company, has announced a quantum computer the size of a 19-inch server rack module. The first of these ‘quantum accelerators’ will be installed at the Pawsey Supercomputing Center in Australia in June 2021.

Typical quantum computers are the size of old-fashioned mainframe computers, comprised of a large number of qubits working together to maximize processing power. Quantum Brilliance, instead, takes the approach of building smaller units, the quantum accelerator, which contains only 5 qubits apiece. However, units can be linked together to increase quantum processing – making it a far more flexible solution than the quantum mainframe.

Should CIOs consider Distributed Cloud?

For most businesses, cloud computing exists in three different versions: private, public, or hybrid. However, a fourth type is making waves in the enterprise tech world: distributed cloud.

Hydrogen: Fueling Innovation in the Data Centre

As demand for data centre services continues to grow, and more companies make pledges to go green, controlling energy consumption and seeking out alternative energy sources is a top priority. In addition to popular renewables like solar, wind and hydro power, one area that data centres are exploring is using hydrogen fuel cells as an energy source.

The Rise of the TowerCo

In a year where American Tower bought €7.7 billion worth of cell masts from Telefonica, Nicole Capella investigates these new network challengers and how they came to be

Most in-demand cloud roles in 2021

Many companies delayed hiring new employees during 2020. This year, expect companies to change tack and hire more cloud specialists than ever before.