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Lasercharm data campus signs £9.25m funding deal with Topland Group

Topland Group has agreed to contribute £9.25m to refinance the Camro Data Park, located in Sutton, Cambridgeshire. The new campus is comprised of 43 acres and will developed into a 700,000 sq ft data centre facility, one of the largest in the UK. Lasercharm, the owner of the data park, has planning permission from local… Read More

Data centre processor race heats up with Intel’s 4-year IPU strategy

Intel has introduced a four-year strategy to iterate on infrastructure processing unit (IPU) and AI chips, in an effort to recover some ground lost to data centre competitors Nvidia and AMD.   Nvidia’s data centre business is worth more than $10 billion USD per year, more than three times the value of its business in… Read More

DigitalBridge purchases Switch for $11 billion USD

DigitalBridge has announced the acquisition of all outstanding common shares of data centre company Switch in a cash transaction estimated at $11 billion USD. The acquisition will be completed by a subsidiary of DigitalBridge, DigitalBridge II, and IFM Investors, a global digital infrastructure investment firm.   The deal still hinges on stockholder approval; but when… Read More

Kao Academy educates UK children on the importance of data centres

Kao Data, in conjunction with the Cambridge Science Centre, has launched a new website called Kao Academy. This new STEM education initiative aims to educate children from the ages of 7 to 11 about the purpose and role of data centres in their daily lives.   Adam Nethersole, Vice President at Kao Data, noted that… Read More

Virginia residents sue zoning board to block new Amazon data centre

Several residents of Culpeper County, Virginia, have filed suit against their local zoning board. The aim of the suit is to nullify a recent decision that would allow AWS to build a new data centre on a large parcel of rural land. In April, the zoning board voted 4-3 in favor of rezoning 230 acres… Read More

Tech giants lobbying EU for more favourable regulations

According to members of the EU initiative and related sources, U.S. technology companies are lobbying the EU to make upcoming regulations more tech-friendly. Just this week, technology companies reportedly attempted to utilize the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact as leverage to influence the decisions of EU lawmakers. The Pact is a voluntary association of data… Read More

AWS announces $12 billion plan for Portland data centres

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced plans to build five data centres in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, at an expected investment of $12 billion USD. The new facilities are planned for construction in Morrow County, along the Columbia River. Each new facility will cost an estimated $2.37 billion, providing approximately 20,000 square metres of… Read More

Open Access Data Centre (OADC) launches edge facility in South Africa

Open Access Data Centre (OADC) has announced the launch of a new data centre facility in South Africa. This, according to the company, is the first-of-its-kind data centre in Africa, and is the first phase of a larger, cross-continent rollout of the OADC edge environment. The OADC facility is located in Durban, South Africa. It… Read More

EdgeConneX enters Indonesian data centre market with GTN acquisition

EdgeConneX has announced the acquisition of colocation firm GTN in Indonesia. This marks the company’s entrance into the Indonesian data centre market. GTN owns and operates a 7MW, Tier III data centre in Jakarta. The GTN data centre boasts zero downtime over the past several years, in a carrier-neutral, efficient facility. The EdgeConneX acquisition also… Read More

Data centre 5G: challenges vs. opportunities

In a recent announcement by the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumido Kishida stated that the government expects 5G coverage to reach 99% of the country’s population by 2030. That’s an increase from less than 40% coverage as of 2020. 5G networks are expanding across the globe, and data centres must be prepared to meet the new… Read More

Colocation giants report record revenues

Equinix, Digital Realty and Iron Mountain have all released financial reports with record revenues, even in the face of supply chain shortages, inflation, and rising energy costs. Iron Mountain earnings were 2.7% higher than previous estimations, with earnings per share (EPS) of $0.38. Revenue was more than $166 million USD higher than Q1 2021. Barry… Read More

Finland utility cuts power to Russian Yandex data centre

The Yandex data centre in Mäntsälä (Finland) is now running on diesel fuel, after its power was cut off by the local Finnish utility. The decision to cut power to the data centre was made in accordance with international sanctions on Russian countries, as a result of the war in Ukraine. This data centre was… Read More