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Not every workplace Lockdown call has to be video, but here’s when it should be

Amid reports of 'Zoom fatigue', are companies guilty of not making full use of the range of comms channels available? Read More

How researchers used AI to expose Zoom’s privacy holes

New research has revealed how AI can easily extract the personal information of video conference participants using screenshots uploaded to social media. Researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Israel used image... Read More

Should your company ban Zoom?

Zoom, the free to use video conferencing app, has exploded in the last month. It quickly became a household name and more than doubled its share price. However, Zoom has... Read More

Zoom drafts Oracle for multi-cloud expansion

In a move that not many in the technology world would have seen coming, Zoom has tapped up Oracle Cloud to help cater to rising demand for its popular video... Read More

Zoom plugs security holes with new release

The video conferencing app has been criticised for security and privacy issues in its software as user numbers rapidly increase during lockdown Zoom says it has reached a “key milestone”... Read More

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