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What kind of effective encryption will governments accept?

Yesterday Europol Police Chief Rob Wainwright joined a stream of high-level political figures and security heads in a lobbying bid against the uptake, or even continuance, of substantial encryption in online communications. Speaking to the BBC, Wainwright argued that terrorist elements are using strong encryption to shield their activities This is the latest in a… Read More

China’s latest draft anti-terrorism legislation set to radically alter east/west tech economy

China’s latest draft of a controversial new anti-terrorism bill threatens to further deepen the widening rift of mistrust that has been developing lately between China’s technical manufacturing sectors and those of the west. The new iteration of last November’s proposed law – the first anti-terrorism legislation in the world’s second-largest economy – stipulates that non-Chinese… Read More

Ex-spook John Sawer joins the US/UK governments’ ‘anti-privacy’ campaign

[Opinion] At this point, the rhythm of rhetoric from high officials and government representatives against Zero Knowledge Encryption has become so regular and so reliable (allowing for the Christmas quietude that briefly intervened), that perhaps it is time to fit these predictable bursts into a new templating system here at The Stack. Let’s begin: Who… Read More

Cameron and Obama arrange US/UK cyber-attack war games, mount pressure against encryption

Britain and the United States will cooperate in a series of ‘war games’ intended to simulate cyber-attacks on major institutions and companies in both countries. Prime minister David Cameron is currently on an official visit to Washington for formal discussions with president Barack Obama regarding the future of cyber-security for both nations. Speaking from Washington… Read More

US government security alarmism continues with Obama’s ‘doomsday’ comments

In the wake of recent statements from the head of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General regarding the dismal future of national security in a world of client-side encryption, comments on the fearful prospect of cyber-incursion from President Barack Obama have been leaked to the Fox Business Network. According to Fox, President Barack Obama is far… Read More