Latest zero knowledge publications

HTTP/2 opens every new connection it makes with the word ‘PRISM’

British programmer and writer John Graham-Cumming has spotted something interesting in the opening protocol of any HTTP/2 connection: an array of explicitly formatted code which spells the word PRISM, in... Read More

Manhattan DA steps up pressure on Google and Apple to open up encryption to government

Cyrus Vance Jr., the New York County District Attorney for Manhattan, has added his voice to a growing litany of political complaint about the zero-knowledge encryption which Google and Apple... Read More

LINE, Japan’s biggest messaging app, joins ‘zero knowledge’ encryption trend on all platforms

The application powering Japan’s largest social network has adopted the same device-based encryption which has wrought so much attention from government and investigative authorities since the release of Apple’s iOS... Read More

UK government offers £300,000 digital forensics challenge

The UK’s Home Office is offering a £300,000 crop of contracts to companies, individual researchers or other organisations that are able to offer it better tools to examine digital devices... Read More

Encryption: FBI and U.S. Justice Department appeal to congress

FBI director James Comey joins Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates in an appeal to congress today regarding their concerns – which mirror those of many other security and enforcement agencies... Read More

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