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Yahoo Mail moves away from password sign-ins with push notifications for mobile access

Amongst a slew of new features and improvements announced today for Yahoo Mail on mobile platforms is Yahoo Account Key, which allows users to sign in to their accounts by receiving a push notification instead of typing a password in. “No matter where you are on the internet, passwords are a pain” writes Jeffrey Bonforte,… Read More

Yahoo next multinational to join data centre crowd in Dublin

According to recent reports, Yahoo is expected to be the next U.S. tech giant to buy and build data centre property in Dublin, a move to Ireland which other multinational firms are looking to mirror in the near future. Having opened its latest offices at the Point Village in Dublin last week, managing director of Yahoo… Read More

Yahoo wants to make messaging more intimate by adding true emotion to emails and texts

Researchers at Yahoo Mail are developing ways to employ sensors in smartphones and other wearable devices to change the way we communicate emotions and sensations via text and email messages. States of mind and stress levels are the types of intimate emotion Yahoo is looking to transmit with the launch of the new service. Sentiment has… Read More

Firefox abandons Google for Yahoo (Bing) as default search engine

After ten years of providing the default search engine to Mozilla’s open-source web browser – as well as 90% of the organisation’s $274mn (£175mn) annual royalty income – Google will no longer provide the default search engine for Firefox. In a blog post on Wednesday Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer announced the deal, the financial terms of… Read More

Yahoo faced $250,000 per day fines for refusing NSA data demands

The US government threatened Yahoo with daily fines of up to $250,000 if it did not immediately give up its user data as part of a National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance scheme, reports suggest. According to official court documents unsealed by a federal court on Thursday, Yahoo have been fighting a secret and so far… Read More