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Verizon to submit bid for Yahoo

Sources close to the company have confirmed that Verizon will submit a first-round bid to purchase Yahoo’s web business early next week, and that they may offer to take on Yahoo Japan as well. Time Inc. and Google are said to still be considering whether or not to make an offer, while AT&T, Comcast, and… Read More

Google Docs adds access expiry dates – but no security improvements for non-Google invitees

Google Docs has added useful new functionality that allows users to determine how long invited guests will have access to various types of document available in Google Drive, including Docs, Slides and Sheets. The announcement, made at the Google Apps blog, addresses a problem which can be a genuine security issue for collaborative workgroups which… Read More

Yahoo releases largest ever machine learning dataset to research

Yahoo Labs today announced that it will make available to researchers a dataset that’s record-breaking in terms of data density. The Yahoo News Feed dataset contains 110 billion events drawn from samples of anonymised transactions on the portal’s news feed, and weighs in at a whopping 1.5 terabytes zipped. The data release, part of the… Read More

Yahoo prepares to shed 10% of workforce

According to ‘sources familiar with the situation’, crisis-stricken former internet behemoth Yahoo has laid the groundwork for the removal of 10% of its current employees, a loss of around a thousand jobs. One source told Business Insider that the layoffs are set for this quarter, and commented to the site that it will announce ‘additional… Read More

Yahoo Messenger revamp joins the ‘unsend’ trend

Yahoo have unveiled a new version of its Messenger app, which now includes the same ‘unsend’ functionality which Viber announced last week, permitting users to take control of years’ worth of inbox messages and delete any message they sent to a user at any time from that user’s inbox. The primary reconfiguration of Yahoo Messenger… Read More