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Xiaomi lines up $500 million for Indian investment

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has announced plans to channel $500 million into its Indian operations over the course of 2017, in an effort to reclaim lost ground in market share in the country.co-founder Lei Jun explained that after an initially positive reception the brand wants to bolster its presence in the country. Co-founder Lei Jun… Read More

Xiaomi under investigation for misleading advertising

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is under investigation [Chinese] for using superlative messaging on its website to describe its product range, according to a leaked document from the Beijing Ministry of Industry and Commerce. A new law in China stipulates that adjectives used to promote products must not mislead consumers, with penalties starting at RMB 200,000 (approx…. Read More

Xiaomi and Uber pair up to hand-deliver smartphones in Asia

Uber has teamed up with Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi to courier its latest Mi Note phones directly to customers in Singapore and Malaysia. Hand-delivered within an hour by the ride-sharing service, the Mi Note will be available to buy across Uber’s smartphone app once the device goes on sale. Currently, Xiaomi customers have to wait up… Read More

Tencent launches smart hardware OS to rival Alibaba

Chinese internet and media giant Tencent Holdings has today launched an operating system for mobile devices such as internet-connected phones, TVs, smartwatches and other IoT products. Tencent Operating System (OS) TOS+ is open to all developers and manufacturers free of charge should they agree to share their revenue – a framework similar to Google’s popular Android… Read More

Chinese Ninebot buys U.S. rival Segway

Xiaomi-backed startup Ninebot, a Chinese maker of electric-powered personal transportation products, has acquired U.S. rival Segway – the two-wheeler upright scooter which has become a running joke, synonymous with various comedic appearances (such as in U.S. sitcom Arrested Development and the 2009 comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop), and the death of its owner at the hands of… Read More