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Russian lawyers claim Windows 10 ‘spies’ on users

Russian lawyers last week filed a compliant with the Prosecutor General’s Office over privacy concerns raised by Microsoft’s newly launched Windows 10 operating system, according to local news agency RIA... Read More

Windows 10 will monitor and disable all ‘pirated’ software and hardware

Windows 10 will block access to any pirated software and hardware it can identify on a PC, phone or other mobile device, according to an updated section of Microsoft’s European End... Read More

‘Redirect to SMB’ vulnerability allows login theft, even in Windows 10

Security researchers have identified a new variant on an old hacking technique to steal Windows user credentials, including the victim’s username, hashed password and domain – and it works just fine... Read More

Microsoft closes gap between Windows 10 and Xbox One with ‘crossplay’ plans

In its attempt to make console gaming more accessible, Microsoft has announced that it will be developing universal apps which can run across Xbox One and Windows 10, as well... Read More

Microsoft seeks to win over corporate market with new Windows 10 OS

Microsoft has announced plans to gear its new Windows 10 operating system towards enterprise customers in an effort to recapture dwindling corporate adoption following its Windows 8 mis-hit. Unveiled yesterday... Read More

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