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Scammers can exploit Microsoft Edge security feature flaw

New research has discovered that technical support scammers are able to subvert a Microsoft Edge security feature called SmartScreen to help execute attacks. Microsoft Edge, the default browser for Windows 10, warns users of any dangerous websites with its SmartScreen alerts. In an official FAQ, the tech giant explains how the filter identifies reported phishing and… Read More

London’s Met Police still running 27,000 Windows XP desktops

London’s Met Police has missed its deadline for abandoning the out-of-date operating system Windows XP, as findings reveal 27,000 computers still run on the software two years after official support ended. Microsoft stopped issuing updates and patches for Windows XP in Spring 2014, meaning that any new bugs and flaws in the operating system are… Read More

Desktop lifecycle management and Windows 10 migration

Jason E. Smith, VP Products at Liquidware Labs, looks at the various options for migrating to Windows 10 while ensuring business success and user satisfaction… Today’s desktop can most definitely be described as true ‘hybrids’ with many organisations deploying a variety of physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile desktops to deliver their business the flexibility and agility required… Read More

Windows 10 upgrades are being forced on some users

It seems that the initially very well-received offer of a free upgrade to Windows 10 is fast becoming an offer you can’t refuse – at least for some users. The creator of Windows 10 utility GWX Control Panel, which gives Windows 10 users the ability to silence some of Microsoft’s more persistent in-system nagging about… Read More

Russian lawyers claim Windows 10 ‘spies’ on users

Russian lawyers last week filed a compliant with the Prosecutor General’s Office over privacy concerns raised by Microsoft’s newly launched Windows 10 operating system, according to local news agency RIA Novosti. The Moscow-based legal practice Bubnov and Partners claimed that Windows 10 illegally collects data regarding users’ browser history, passwords, location, email content, calendar appointments… Read More