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Virgin Media to allow passers-by to freely access your WiFi router

In the latest boost for Britain’s sharing economy, Virgin Media announced this month its plans to roll out a free public WiFi network this autumn, using subscribers’ personal routers and existing infrastructure to distribute the service across UK cities. The UK media giant first told investors of the scheme in 2010, advising that the company… Read More

LED technology could boost WiFi speeds up to ten time

Researchers at Oregon University have developed a new LED technology which has the potential to increase WiFi bandwidth by ten times. The engineering team hopes that the technology could help solve bandwidth problems caused by overcrowding and multimedia streaming. The system could for example be integrated with existing WiFi systems at events, in coffee shops, at airport… Read More

Open-source software released to steal WiFi passwords via social engineering

A computer programmer in Greece has made available a stable version of a new tool that uses semi-automated social engineering to attempt to steal passwords on WPA networks. Wifiphisher, available on GitHub, seeks to elicit the password to the target router by disconnecting them and then presenting them with a faked router login page which… Read More

Massive surge for FireChat message app during Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

A recently-launched mesh-networking app was downloaded to Hong Kong users 100,000 times in 24 hours after student leader Joshua Wong advised fellow activists that the government may switch off mobile networks as a pacification measure. FireChat, a mobile messaging app released in March, will default to local Bluetooth networks in the absence of other network connections. Of necessity… Read More

New York City to turn 7,000 old payphones Into a huge, free Wi-Fi network.

Interesting take on what to do with the increasingly redundant but potentially strategic infrastructure asset of public telephone boxes. New York City has put out a request for proposals to turn its 10,000 of its “decrepit” 11,000 boxes to create “citywide Wi-Fi network and state-of-the-art information hubs.” So, is it 7,000 or 10,000 phone boxes?… Read More