Latest White Paper publications

Enabling tomorrow’s connected infrastructure for IoT

The need for a next-generation connected infrastructure is approaching faster than ever. With the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) we need to consider new and critical developments around power, light and data as we prepare for what’s ahead. One can only guess what the world we live, play and work in will be like 10 years… Read More

Optimising data centre cooling

The choice of cooling architecture, including hot and cold air containment, is of paramount importance for minimising the OPEX of a data centre. However, an effective control system is also essential when hoping to achieve the maximum energy efficiency and PUE. The research detailed in Schneider Electric‘s new White Paper Optimize Data Center Cooling with… Read More

Measuring the resilience of IT services

The nature of today’s digital economy and the surge in data from connected devices has fueled the growth of edge data centres, which ensure IT services remain reliable, resilient and available. Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today released new research into data centre availability and why edge computing sites are… Read More

White paper: Security is not the real issue – it’s data classification

As large enterprises and government agencies increasingly take to the cloud, it is critical that they work to comply with security and privacy standards by applying data classification policies. To protect themselves against compromise, loss or misuse of data, businesses need to adopt an effective classification framework which provides a reference to the appropriate level… Read More

White paper: Why data erasure should be part of your mobile device policy

Mobile devices, especially with the increase of BYOD, are becoming increasingly commonplace in the work environment. As Gartner reveals, 70% of professionals will perform work-related activities on a personal device by 2018. To protect themselves, businesses need to adopt a detailed and documented policy for how they’ll manage these mobile devices and safeguard data. A… Read More