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Q&A: Why Reserved Instance optimisation is the future of cloud cost management

Frank Wang, Product Marketing Manager for Densify, explains the challenges of cloud cost management, how Reserved Instances (RI) can help cut costs, and what businesses should consider before committing to an RI offering. Why is cloud cost management becoming such a headache for enterprise customers? Cloud operations teams are stuck between a finance department seeking… Read More

Furniture firm wins fight against ongoing power problems

Find out how a leading furniture firm upgraded its critical power protection by installing a new uninterruptible power supply which worked with its existing backup generators. A reliable, continuous power supply is an absolute must for mission-critical environments such as data centres. But the same principle rings true in other settings such as offices or… Read More

Improving data governance for increased profitability

The connection between better data governance and increased revenue is not often made, but in this white paper Erwin lays out why everyone from executives and down should take ownership of it. Having a better understanding of data and the different types of risks involved in different types of data means businesses can move beyond… Read More

How do organisations plan to assure application delivery in a multi-cloud world?

Multi-cloud is now the standard approach for cloud-adopting organisations as they look to accommodate existing and new applications, gain agility, ensure applications reside in optimised environments and protect against cloud lock-in. In this multi-cloud world, businesses are actively pursuing solutions that address application delivery. In this new digital report, Citrix and IDC survey 900 global organisations… Read More

White paper: Identity and Access Management (IAM) without compromise

IT and business executives are tasked with two strategic directives that seem inherently contradictory – they must empower the business and its people to operate at maximum speed while providing, at the same time, the optimum levels of security and risk management. Businesses of all sizes are being constantly challenged to effectively provide secure access… Read More