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Vodafone designs UV-monitoring smart swimwear range

Vodafone has created a proof-of-concept range of smart devices designed for the summer and beach holidays, including connected swimwear and luggage trackers. The Vodafone Smart Swimwear collection includes a bikini... Read More

Bosch announces world’s smallest 9-axis motion sensor

German electronics giant Bosch has unveiled its new nine-axis motion sensor, the BMX160, which it claims is the smallest ever device of its kind. Measuring just 2.5 x 3 x... Read More

Alcohol monitoring wearable takes readings straight from your skin

The world’s first wearable alcohol monitor is able to track your blood alcohol levels, reading the ethanol molecules let off by your skin. The wristband, developed by San Francisco medical equipment... Read More

Why NoSQL is the future of IoT

Emmanuel “Manu” Marchal, head of operations for Basho Europe, here explains the necessary preparations required to avoid potential IoT data challenges… Experts predicted more wearable technology wrapped up under the... Read More

Bendable lithium-air battery inspired by Chinese calligraphy

Chinese scientists have developed a new flexible, bendable lithium-based battery, inspired by the ancient art form calligraphy. As global demand for flexible components grows in such markets as IoT and... Read More

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