Latest wearables publications

New flexible semiconductor is easily degradable

A flexible, biodegradable semiconductor which decomposes when it is no longer needed is being developed by leading researchers at Stanford University. A release from the University cites a report from the United Nations Environment Program which estimates that almost 50 million tonnes of electronic waste will end up in landfill in 2017 alone. To combat… Read More

Mobvoi launches Chinese chatbot

Mobvoi, the Google-backed AI company that first developed Chinese language voice recognition, has released a chatbot that can communicate with voice-activated smart home devices. The new product, which leverages Mobvoi’s advances in voice recognition and artificial intelligence, is envisioned to facilitate human-machine interaction in China much like Apple’s Siri personal assistant, or Alexa from Amazon…. Read More

Hitachi develops AI and wearables to assist manufacturing workers

Japanese manufacturing giant Hitachi has teamed up with a German research institute to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) technology which can recognise workers’ actions in real-time using data collected through wearable devices. Hitachi partnered with a team of Smart Data & Knowledge engineers from the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) to create an… Read More

Newly rebranded 8 West to focus on IoT and drones

After completing a management buyout (MBO) from its former parent company, DeCare Systems of Cork has rebranded as 8 West and will focus primarily on innovative drone and IoT products. The buyout from Anthem, Inc. was announced last November, and completed on January 1. It was entirely self-funded, and completed without venture capital. As an… Read More

Woojer unveils haptic vest for VR

Haptic company Woojer has unveiled the Vest, a new consumer wearable that offers an innovative technique for virtual reality gaming immersion that can also be used to enhance music and movie viewing experiences. Available for viewing at this month’s Tokyo game show, the Woojer Vest incorporates six haptic transducers located on six meridian points on the… Read More