Latest Watson publications

IBM extends Watson capabilities to any connected device

IBM has announced its plans to enable Watson features as embedded services across any connected end-user device. According to the company’s release, a system-agnostic platform called Project Intu will allow developers to extend Watson functionality such as speech, vision and empathy capabilities to new form factors. The development means that Watson technology could soon be popping… Read More

RBS introduces robo-advisors to ‘augment intelligence’ of employees

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) has announced a partnership with IBM’s AI platform Watson to introduce a virtual advisory service named Luvo. The pilot project, which is currently being rolled out to a select group of customers, employs Watson’s Conversation technology to deliver a cloud-based chatbot service. The solution is expected to reach… Read More

IBM’s Watson to support pharmacy chain in predicting patient care needs

IBM is planning to partner with U.S. retail pharmacy group CVS Health, using its supercomputer Watson to develop personalised care solutions to support chronic condition management. The partnership, announced today, will see the companies work to build a system which can identify unnecessary medical interventions and irrelevant cost, and predict declining health in patients suffering from conditions… Read More

IBM’s Watson health analysis engine powers DNA-based app

IBM have teamed up with San Diego-based genetics testing company Pathway Genomics to produce an app that will give you personalised day-to-day medical advice based on your sequenced DNA. The program, called Pathway Panorama, will make use of IBM’s Watson a cognitive computing system. The app will permit users who have provided it with their sequenced genome… Read More

One year on: has Softlayer made IBM a serious cloud player?

In the year since it spent $2bn on cloud specialist, Softlayer, IBM has promised to spend an awful lot more money in the area. This anniversary has given the media a chance to review the wisdom of the decision in an industry whose history is littered with failed acquisitions and mergers – and the feeling… Read More