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IBM’s Watson proves AI can understand the offside rule

Conversational AI powered by natural language processing is making sports analytics more accessible – at least to those who can afford it As glorious a venue as it is, Twickenham, the... Read More

IBM Cloud selected for BMW connected car

BMW and IBM have announced a partnership to work together on a platform for the connected car. BMW’s CarData platform was created to run on the IBM Bluemix cloud, giving the... Read More

IBM Cloud and AT&T partner on IoT analytics

AT&T has unveiled a new data analytics capability in the form of a pilot collaboration between AT&T and IBM. The new AT&T IoT analytics service will run on the IBM... Read More

IBM creates Watson-powered robot for eldercare assistance

IBM, in partnership with Rice University, has created a robot to assist the elderly and their caregivers. The MERA, or Multi-purpose Eldercare Robot Assistant, uses IBM’s Watson AI to provide... Read More

IBM to add four new data centres in UK cloud expansion

IBM has announced it is set to triple its UK-based cloud data centre capacity over the next year, increasing investment plans and opening four new facilities to join its two... Read More

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