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Google Ventures invests in Swedish VR studio Resolution Games

Google Ventures has today confirmed their involvement in a $6mn investment round [Swedish] in Swedish virtual reality gaming firm Resolution Games, marking its first European investment outside of the UK. The Stockholm-based studio is led by Candy Crush Saga veteran Tommy Palm, but the company focuses entirely on the use of virtual reality in gaming rather than… Read More

Crowd-funded project to provide VR views from International Space Station

Short of civilian space flight itself, one of the key elements of the democratisation of space exploration has been the transmission of images from space back to Earth, such as the many stunning time-lapse videos of Earth from the International Space Station. This is set to be taken a step further by the SpaceVR Kickstarter… Read More

‘DeepStereo’: Google research uses deep networks to turn Street View into actual movies

New research from Google has produced some of the most impressive results ever seen from image interpolation – the creation of new images from other photos. By using deep networks to generate ‘missing’ frames from Google Street view, a team led by Google researcher and former visual effects wizard John Flynn have discovered a technique,… Read More

Conde Nast to announce VR series targeting digital viewers

Lifestyle and fashion publishing giant Conde Nast is planning to move into virtual reality in an effort to trial new marketing and advertising streams to attract digital consumers. The privately-owned company is expected to announce two new virtual reality series hosted by its TV and film division, Conde Nast Entertainment (CNE), at the Newfronts advertising and digital content… Read More

MindLeap VR gaming headset powered by brainwaves

MindMaze, a spin-off company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), has today announced that it has recently closed a funding round valuing $8.5mn (approx. £5.6mn) for its ‘thought-powered VR game system’ – MindLeap. The virtual and augmented reality headset combines electroencephalogram technology (EEG) and integrated 3D capture cameras mounted on the head to track… Read More