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Amazon Video hints at new VR platform

Amazon is looking to expand its business into the realms of virtual reality (VR), according to a recent job site posting looking for someone to lead the new project. The ad, posted to Amazon’s Glassdoor page, is for a ‘Senior Software Development Manager’ who will be responsible for ‘the Virtual Reality experience within Amazon Video.’… Read More

Nintendo returning to virtual reality, briefing suggests

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo is reportedly exploring virtual reality (VR), but is yet to reveal concrete development plans. According to games analyst Serkan Toto, the company acknowledged at a recent investor briefing that it was ‘looking’ into the emerging sector. It is unclear what path the company will take into the nascent technology, having previously… Read More

Microsoft developing multi-player virtual reality

Microsoft researchers are developing ways to engage multiple people in virtual reality experiences. Computer scientists led by VR expert Jaron Lanier, are exploring the multi-play technology in a project titled Comradre (pronounced ‘comradery’). The headsets are made using a smartphone, a connected laptop and external sensors which trace the wearer’s head movements. A video, shot… Read More

Short story: Fired Up

In the final instalment of our trilogy of weekend short science-fiction stories focusing on the possible consequences of current technological trends, an upcoming presidential election provides the stage for a historic landing on Mars… It was a stunned nation that watched Crump get elected as US President that November night. Most diplomats pondered the best… Read More

Facebook and Disney finally deliver on the VRML dream with Star Wars ‘pannable’ 360 video

Facebook has launched its much anticipated 360 video feature in about as spectacular a fashion as could have been imagined, by releasing an interactive immersive video which takes the viewer through an environment seen in trailers for J.J. Abrams’ new Star Wars movie, to released in December. The video takes us through a ‘baked’ route… Read More