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Russia readying for attempt to ban Tor, VPNs and other anonymising tools

Russian authorities have made a concerted series of announcements regarding the future of online anonymising software Tor for the country’s 143 million residents, who constitute Tor’s third largest user-base – concluding that it has none. On 5th February Leonid Levin, Chairman of the Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, proposed to consider… Read More

Chinese mobile internet users reach 557mn despite aggressive censorship

According to a new report released by the Chinese government, the country now has 557 million mobile internet users, up from half a billion at the end of 2013. Following a massive adoption of smartphones from China’s leading providers Apple and Xiaomi over the last year, the country is now the world’s largest market for… Read More

Open-source software released to steal WiFi passwords via social engineering

A computer programmer in Greece has made available a stable version of a new tool that uses semi-automated social engineering to attempt to steal passwords on WPA networks. Wifiphisher, available on GitHub, seeks to elicit the password to the target router by disconnecting them and then presenting them with a faked router login page which… Read More

FBI expresses concern about Apple’s lack of access to customer data in iOs8

We wrote only last week about how the growing policy of ‘provider ignorance’ is likely to cause increasing friction between law enforcement agencies and consumers. The practice of organisations storing encrypted customer data without having any ability to decrypt it is an obvious mani puliti response to increasing customer concern about the availability to authorities… Read More