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Apple approves iOS 9 adblocker which even blocks Apple News

Though there is some speculation as to how long it will remain available on Apple’s app store, you can currently download and install a new adblocker app for your iPhone... Read More

Apple’s iOS 9 breaks VPNs

Apple’s iOS 9 has been built to meet various security standards, but researchers have discovered that the latest update also breaks a key security feature – Virtual Private Network (VPN)... Read More

The enterprise cloud security Q&A

Lee Field, Head of IT consulting and complex solutions at Verizon, discusses cloud security and best practice for businesses looking to secure cloud. Security is a prime concern for all... Read More

iOS devices still at risk from app-hijacking Masque attacks

Researchers have released details of new iOS attacks which switch users’ legitimate apps for malicious replicas. Security firm FireEye has warned that although Apple has patched a number of flaws in... Read More

How, why and whether to enter the new VPN war zone

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not an easy concept to understand or, once understood, to explain. The name is far from self-explanatory, and renaming it to something more approximate... Read More

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