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Apple approves iOS 9 adblocker which even blocks Apple News

Though there is some speculation as to how long it will remain available on Apple’s app store, you can currently download and install a new adblocker app for your iPhone which even blocks Apple’s own ‘Apple News’ service. The Been Choice app takes advantage of iOS 9’s controversial content-blocking capabilities to provide the end user… Read More

Apple’s iOS 9 breaks VPNs

Apple’s iOS 9 has been built to meet various security standards, but researchers have discovered that the latest update also breaks a key security feature – Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to corporate servers. The flaw was first detected in the iOS 9 beta, and has not been fixed in the released version. Neither has… Read More

The enterprise cloud security Q&A

Lee Field, Head of IT consulting and complex solutions at Verizon, discusses cloud security and best practice for businesses looking to secure cloud. Security is a prime concern for all enterprises and with more enterprise data and applications being deployed into cloud infrastructure the perfect first question is what makes a secure cloud? Talking to… Read More

iOS devices still at risk from app-hijacking Masque attacks

Researchers have released details of new iOS attacks which switch users’ legitimate apps for malicious replicas. Security firm FireEye has warned that although Apple has patched a number of flaws in the recent iOS 8.4, those users who have not updated their devices are still vulnerable to these ‘Masque’ attacks. The new identified Masque campaigns are… Read More

How, why and whether to enter the new VPN war zone

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not an easy concept to understand or, once understood, to explain. The name is far from self-explanatory, and renaming it to something more approximate to what it is most popularly used for these days – such as ‘Online Country Changer’ – does not respect, for instance, the legitimate ways… Read More