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Netflix VPN restriction targets privacy seekers

Open Media, a Canadian internet-advocacy group, published an open letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings today, arguing that Netflix’s recent crackdown on VPN users unfairly targets those who use VPN technology for privacy reasons, rather than those who use VPN to access restricted content. Open Media has the support of almost 45,000 people who have… Read More

How to defeat VPN location-spoofing by mapping network delays

An interesting paper from a PhD student in Ontario outlines a system which in initial tests has proved 97% effective at unmasking geo-spoofing VPN users, such as Netflix customers who fake their geographic location in order to access catalogues outside of their country. The Client Presence Verification (CPV) system presented in the paper [PDF] utilises… Read More

Netflix’s liberal VPN policies are not entirely voluntary, executive admits

Global streaming behemoth Netflix has earned reputation points with customers in recent years for its non-judgemental approach to customers’ use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to circumvent the region-locking of its content in various countries. In fact the company has now admitted that blocking VPNs as policy might be impossible in any case. Netflix’s… Read More

Privacy vulnerability exposes VPN users’ real IP addresses

A major security flaw which reveals VPN users’ real IP addresses has been discovered by Perfect Privacy (PP). The researchers suggest that the problem affects all VPN protocols, including IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN. VPN users use the tool to hide their computer’s IP address online, commonly at platforms such as BitTorrent. However, PP now claims… Read More

VPNs not mentioned once in UK’s terrifying new internet powers draft bill

The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill [PDF] presented by the UK Home Secretary Theresa May to parliament today is currently causing some sensation, since it includes the promise of new legislation that will force UK ISPs to keep an Internet Connection Record (now jargonised into ‘ICR’) for the previous 12 months for all of its customers,… Read More