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Putting tech to the test: Why VPNs no longer cut it in the cloud-native era

VPNs don’t meet any of today’s modern infrastructure and application requirements, says Galeal Zino, CEO at NetFoundry The requirements for high performance, secure connectivity are at an all-time high as... Read More

Facebook secretly paid teenagers to install data harvesting app

Social media platform has been caught paying teenage users to install a VPN app that decrypts and harvests virtually all of their mobile internet activity Facebook has been paying people... Read More

China cracks down on international VPN usage

The Chinese government has announced a 14-month crackdown on the use of unauthorised Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), commonly used by visitors and native activists, amongst others, to communicate with the... Read More

DHS gives internet security advice before Black Friday, but stops short of ‘encrypt your connection’

Opinion It’s reasonable to assume that Black Friday is at least a potential field-day for cyber-criminals, since network traffic containing confidential financial information – such as e-commerce logins – is... Read More

VPN provider removes Russian presence after servers seized

VPN provider Private Internet Access has pulled out of Russia in the wake of new internet surveillance legislation in the country. The company claims that some of its Russian servers... Read More

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