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Verne Global to manage Volta data centre in London

Verne Global has announced that Volta Data Centres will operate under the Verne Global brand effective immediately. This is expected to provide better connections throughout northern Europe, specifically between Iceland and the UK.

Volta announces £2m expansion of Central London data centre

“With increased demand among existing customers and responding to the external factors that are increasing the demands for offsite power, cooling and space, we’re delighted to be expanding our central London data centre.”

UK data centres failing to meet C-suite requirements research reveals

According to research released by Volta Data Centres, data loss and downtime are putting hybrid and edge computing strategies at risk. The research reveals that 56% of IT decision makers have experienced downtime over the past six months and 46% have experienced data loss in the last 12 months. The average downtime was 3h 45minutes… Read More