Latest Volkswagen publications

Volkswagen and Ford team up for $7bn Argo AI deal

Tie-up allows both automakers to integrate Argo AI’s self-driving system into their own vehicles at scale Ford and Volkswagen have announced they are investing $7bn in autonomous vehicle platform company... Read More

Mobvoi launches Chinese chatbot

Mobvoi, the Google-backed AI company that first developed Chinese language voice recognition, has released a chatbot that can communicate with voice-activated smart home devices. The new product, which leverages Mobvoi’s... Read More

DMCA may have protected Volkswagen from ‘defeat device’ discovery, claims U.S. senator

Volkswagen’s deceptive practices over ‘defeat devices’ in its emissions-testing software might have come to light far earlier if its code had not been protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act,... Read More

Volkswagen given ‘free pass’ on emissions tests a decade ago by EPA due to lack of budget

A new report contends that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chose not to apply an emissions test that it developed a decade ago to car manufacturers due to lack of... Read More

Volkswagen software scandal may not lead to criminal prosecution due to loophole in Clean Air Act

Faced with a slew of crippling lawsuits and recalls over its software-based evasion of emissions standards, German car manufacturer Volkswagen has a ray of corporate light today – it transpires... Read More

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