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Tweet: 60% of UK SMEs taking advantage of outsourced IT infrastructure, according to Node4

A new report ‘Facing up to the IT infrastructure challenge’ conducted by Node4, data centre and communications specialist, highlights the growing role of cloud-based IT infrastructure for UK SMEs. The research shows the ability of UK SMEs to adopt and take advantage of the latest IT technologies to advance their business goals. The survey of… Read More

Greater efficiency will drive more users to cloud, according to Citihub director

Making cloud operators more efficient will increase their usage by consumers according to a leading technical consultant. Darren Thayre, a director at Citihub, said he believes the Jevon’s Paradox – where technological gains in the efficiency of production increase not decrease the rate of consumption – applies to the cloud. “One could argue that cloud… Read More

“OpenStack is ready for the enterprise” says defiant Barcet

At the Openstack summit in Portland, Oregon in 2013 it was clear that interest in deploying the solution is growing, but most enterprises were still holding back. The people at the front line within these organisations felt this technology’s lack of maturity is impeding its wide scale deployment, and yet they also said that it… Read More

Cloud computing’s underappreciated eco-friendly credentials – and a reminder that in the data centre “Going Green” can also m...

One possibly neglected element of most service providers’ pitch is how eco-friendly the cloud is using fewer and more efficient machines and lower climate control costs for example. There is still a question mark over whether companies really care how green they are (beyond PR considerations) but one of the pluses of cloud is its… Read More

Why Java might be knocked off its pedestal as the enterprise language of choice by 2016

Chris Mills is the CTO EMEA of Pivotal, which offers solutions that intersect cloud, big data and agile development. Here Chris discusses the long road from process isolation to Dockers, and why Microsoft’s recent announcements may change the enterprise landscape in the next twelve months… Containers have become somewhat of a buzz word of late…. Read More