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Data centres – putting less in but getting more out

A lot of attention is being paid to the green credentials of data centres in particular their power usage effectiveness (PUE) as a rating of how much energy is wasted – and with waste comes costs. Nick Razey advises on what is best practice in minimising inefficiency  Effectively consolidating space and power constrained legacy data… Read More

Google buys Stackdriver – provider of a specialist monitoring cloud workload performance service.

This tale has got a lot of coverage, very little of which adds anything beyond what we said in the above tweet. The essentials are Google has bought Stackdriver for an undisclosed sum and has kept its plans secret. Launched in 2012, Stackdriver is based in Massachusetts and made its name mainly providing cloud monitoring… Read More

What’s wrong with software-defined data centre (SDDC) definitions?

The main problem is that the SDDC reinforces the divide between IT and Facilities and is symptomatic of an industry issue says Soeren Juul Schroeder. Unless the industry rethinks its organisational structures – and bridges that divide – we may fail to realise the potential of the software-defined data centre. According to Wikipedia, the “software-defined… Read More

The evolution of the data centre: simplifying network architecture to reduce costs

Virtualisation has changed forever the way data centres are run – and not always in ways that were anticipated. Now, writes Paul Bonner, the head of technical services at Hardware.com, operators can further reduce costs and simplify their networks by taking a multi-vendor approach. Previously when IT professionals discussed network infrastructure and data centre costs,… Read More

Clive Longbottom: Is it all stacking up?

To celebrate the launch of thestack.com, veteran industry commentator Clive Longbottom asks what we mean by a stack and whether we should care what underpins it or just the level of service it provides? When is a stack not a stack? Sorry – it’s not a joke, but a serious question. It was easy in… Read More