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Virtual partner created for ’emotional’ Turing test

Scientists from Florida Atlantic University have created a virtual partner to conduct an ‘emotional’ Turing test, designed to test the emotional response that can be elicited from a human by a machine. They found that emotion and motion are tied to one another, and that emotion and social coordination work together to facilitate social exchange…. Read More

Analytics – The key priority for CIO spending

Jeff Aaron, Vice President of Marketing for PernixData, argues why the right infrastructure analytics can lower IT costs and improve overall business operations… When Gartner surveyed 3,000 CIOs, their top spending priority wasn’t cloud, it wasn’t security, it wasn’t even data protection.  No, it was Analytics.  No longer is just reporting sufficient, CIOs want – and… Read More

Docker announces first commercial product and range of orchestration tools

At the Docker user conference in Amsterdam yesterday, executives at the popular enterprise startup unveiled an array of new features to manage and run applications across its trendy container technology, released in open source in March last year. Docker provides an alternative to virtualisation technologies, automating the deployment of applications inside software containers on a… Read More

Frankfurt-based virtual data centre to meet German security demands

Further expanding its cloud services in Europe, Interoute has today announced its plans to open a second virtual data centre (VDC) in Germany this December. In addition to an existing German facility in Berlin, which has been hosting data and applications since its launch in 2012, the new site will be based in Frankfurt and will… Read More

Disaster recovery: Five things to consider if you’re relying on virtual replication

Jules Taplin breaks down the five key points to observe when you’re relying on replication to recover from a data disaster In the virtualised world, an attractive option for disaster recovery is replication. Your virtual machines are replicated to another virtual environment so should you need them you just start them up and they work. The… Read More