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5 cloud myths debunked

In order to tap into cloud’s potential, it is imperative for any business to understand the elements of cloud technology and the benefits that it brings to the table.

But it is equally important that businesses don’t fall for the myths that persistently surround cloud.

VMware acquires app analytics startup Apteligent

VMware has acquired app intelligence startup Apteligent as the cloud and virtualisation giant seeks to optimise its mobile offerings and improve user experience. In a blog post explaining VMware’s motives behind the Apteligent acquisition, Sumit Dhawan, SVP of end-user computing and general manager of desktop products and solutions, wrote that the move was in order to… Read More

Orange Telecom debuts Djingo personal assistant

Orange Telecom, the French multinational telecommunications giant, debuted a new personal virtual assistant at this week’s Show Hello conference. Djingo, an artificially-intelligent virtual assistant the likes of Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, can be controlled by voice or text and may be integrated into various Orange services including TV and banking. It may be accessed… Read More

SDDC: The new business ‘must-have’

Mehdi Bekkai, Private Cloud Product Manager at OVH, discusses what the software-defined data centre (SDDC) means for the future of your business… To increase competitiveness and the ability to innovate, businesses of all sizes need to reduce their IT costs while also working to improve agility, performance, and flexibility. To add to this challenge, the… Read More

AT&T partners with IBM to extend FlexWare virtual networking solution

AT&T and IBM are joining forces to promote the adoption of the former’s virtual networking FlexWare software, expanding the reach of the software-centric cloud offering to businesses worldwide. The companies announced that the collaboration would see IBM teams support the sales of AT&T’s FlexWare software. The technology is designed to help businesses establish and manage… Read More