Latest Virtual Reality publications

Microsoft steps up the sci-fi with new HoloLens video – but keep your hands down

Microsoft’s latest video for the HoloLens AR experience (embedded below) is a blast, and if I go on to write with any critical bias (yes, I am going to), I should state right away that I believe Augmented Reality in general, and HoloLens in particular, will eventually change society in a profound way that will… Read More

EEG feedback offers interesting possibilities for virtual reality

A new paper from the University of Memphis examines the potential of consumer-grade EEG equipment to provide meaningful and accurate recognition of the wearer’s mental state, opening up possibilities not only for useful medical or health-oriented implementations, but of incorporating similar sensors into virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) headsets, permitting extraordinary scope for… Read More

Microsoft developing multi-player virtual reality

Microsoft researchers are developing ways to engage multiple people in virtual reality experiences. Computer scientists led by VR expert Jaron Lanier, are exploring the multi-play technology in a project titled Comradre (pronounced ‘comradery’). The headsets are made using a smartphone, a connected laptop and external sensors which trace the wearer’s head movements. A video, shot… Read More

MindLeap VR gaming headset powered by brainwaves

MindMaze, a spin-off company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), has today announced that it has recently closed a funding round valuing $8.5mn (approx. £5.6mn) for its ‘thought-powered VR game system’ – MindLeap. The virtual and augmented reality headset combines electroencephalogram technology (EEG) and integrated 3D capture cameras mounted on the head to track… Read More