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Vietnam data centre investments to reach $673 million by 2026

The data centre market in Vietnam is growing quickly, bolstered by a variety of factors including digital acceleration resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The data centre market by investment is expected to reach $673 million USD by 2026.

IoT initiative to bring smart city solutions to Vietnam

A new competition which aims to solve Vietnam’s infrastructure problems with smart city solutions is now open to pitches. The Asian Development Bank is partnering with Singaporean venture capital firm TNB Ventures, Mekong Business Initiative, and Australian Aid, to bring in startups to offer connected infrastructure solutions and establish smart cities in the country. The southeast… Read More

YouTube dislikes for sale, DDoS-style

Apparently it’s a thing now – YouTube dislikes as a purchasable commodity in the same manner that hackers buy and sell Dedicated Denial of Service attacks. Dell’s Joe Stewart posted today regarding the undermining in this way of certain videos relating to the ‘Batteriser’ product, a sheath which claims to extend battery life, over at… Read More

Vietnam’s fragile internet connection falls again

Vietnam’s branch of the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) cable system has today suffered the latest in a series of physical ruptures that have plagued the country over the last year. AAG report that the breakage occurred in the S1H section of the cable, not far from the shores of Ba Ria at the coastal city of… Read More

Vietnamese data centre attack compromises news sites, insiders suspected

The data centre for VCCorp (Vietnam Communications Corporation), a major Vietnamese internet company, was the subject of a targeted attack that seemed designed to compromise news sites hosted at the site, according to the company’s deputy general director. Nguyen The Tan said: “We thought there was just an error at the Data Center, but with… Read More