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Verizon sees central role for blockchain in IoT – but not Bitcoin

After a year of cautious study of the Bitcoin/blockchain phenomenon, Verizon Wireless has begun to deepen its interest in and commitment to the central architecture underpinning the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, as... Read More

Verizon Hum released, offering ‘smart’ features to legacy vehicles

Verizon Telematics today announced the commercial availability of Hum, a device that brings diagnostic and safety capabilities to older vehicles. Revealed back in January, Hum is an after-market device that... Read More

How corporate data brokers sell your life, and why you should be concerned

Your economic status, your prospects for buying a house, your pregnancy, your illness…your rape; it’s all for sale in one of the biggest and most clandestine global marketplaces ever to... Read More

Film consortium urges ISPs to abandon ineffective ‘six strikes’ policy for pirates

A consortium of motion picture companies called The Internet Security Task Force (ISTS) is calling for American ISPs to abandon the “ineffective” Copyright Alert System (CAS), which sends up to... Read More

Verizon buying AOL and trusted news sites for $4.4 billion – even Wikipedia has forgotten SugarString

Verizon, which earned general opprobrium last year for attempting to launch a ‘gagged’ news portal called SugarString, has bought once-mighty internet giant America OnLine (AOL) for $4.4bn, acquiring with the... Read More

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